Cazoodle Crawler: Frequently Asked Questions


Crawler FAQ – Cazoodle Bot

What is Cazoodlebot?

CazoodleBot is the web crawling robot for Cazoodle, Inc. Its purpose is to collect information of next-generation Web search and integration solutions.

What is your crawler's HTTP user-agent string?


How often will Cazoodlebot access my web site?

Cazoodlebot is trying to be a model citizen on the internet. It might visit a site daily, weekly or monthly depending on how frequent the site will change. There will be no more than one access every few seconds.

How can I ask Cazoodlebot to stop crawling my site?

You can either set up a robots.txt file, or contact us about any problems you might have.

Who should I contact if I have more questions about Cazoodlebot?

Please email us at with a description of the problem and any other relevant information such as access times or server logs. Or you can go to our contact information page.

How should I get crawled if I want CazoodleBot to visit my site?

If your site is relevant to what we are looking for, most likely it might have been crawled already. If not, please contact us at your convenience.

Contact us to learn more

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  • Email: contact [at]

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